Stop annoying video tearing in Linux

On some Linux machines, annoying screen tearing issues can occur when scrolling in the browser or watching videos. Depending on the graphic card you are currently using, there are some simple fixes for this.
See if your system is affected by watching the video.

Check out our install CUDA and cuDNN tutorial to learn how to install the NVIDIA graphic driver on Linux.

Step 1: Determine the graphic cards installed in the system

If you didn’t previously do our Install CUDA and cuDNN tutorial, run the following line in your terminal to figure out which graphic cards are installed in your system
sudo lshw -c video

Step 2: Change configurations for Intel or NVIDIA
For Intel:

Create a Xorg configuration file with the name “20-intel.conf” similar to:
Section  “Device”
Identifier       “Intel Graphics”
Driver       “intel”
Option       “TearFree”       “true”
Option      “DRI”   “3”
in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ if non existent yet. If the file already exists, make sure to add the “TearFree” “true” option.

Reboot the system.


After installing the binary drivers for your NVIDIA graphic card, create a xorg.conf file, if non existent yet. The file should be located in /etc/X11/xorg.conf If the config file doesn’t exist create one by running: nvidia-xconfig Open the text editor of your choice and add: Option   “metamodes”   “nvidia-auto-select   +0+0   {   ForceCompositionPipeline   =   On   }” to the “Screen” section of the configuration file.

Reboot the system.

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